Current Litters

Updated: 03/25/2020

Dam: Sheila 

Sheila is beautiful and talented with a calm but affectionate personality. She is on the smaller size but structurally stunning. Both of her parents are AKC herding champions. Her sire is a USBCHA Open trial dog and the damn competed pro-novice. Sheila has inherited her moms cool, calm demeanor and the stylish work ethic and determination of her father. She is sure of herself and confident on her stock.

Sire: Nick

Nick is striking and smart with a bright and happy personality. He has a soft side when he is off his stock but really turns on the heat when he is working. He has an amazing pedigree as his father Cap won the USBCHA Cattle Finals in 2018. Nick has inherited this strong work ethic and is sure to pass it on to his puppies as well. 

Never x Nerf Litter - Born 2/14/2020

Dam: Never

Never is a very sweet and loving girl. She is not a large bitch but she is built very solid and strong with great confirmation. She will be on the fast track in her training as she shows strong work ethic on all stock including cattle. Never's father is Brian Cashe's Neal who has endless accomplishments. Her puppies are sure to do great things and have a sweet disposition as well.

Sire: Nurf

We were very fortunate to be able to breed to this talented dog from a Utah ranch. He came to Double M for training and while he was here we had the opportunity to use him in our program. He comes from a long line of working ranch dogs and he himself will be working on a ranch for his career. This is a unique type of dog as he can work sheep with patience and style but has the grit needed to work cattle and can distinguish the difference between the two. He is a big strong boy with lots of flash.