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Last Chance Trial

The first annual Last Chance Trial will begin July 27th and run through July 30th. Handlers meeting will be held at 7:00am on Thursday. Spectators are welcome! 

Address: 6362 Forest Service Rd., 796

Williams, Arizona 86046

Results 2023

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General Info

I have not received entries from everyone that has contacted me, so I am unable to send out individual emails with the following information. I hope this gets to everyone.


I would like to start out with how pleased I am with the overwhelming support for the FIRST Last Chance Trail here in Williams, AZ. We will have a full day of runs so we will need to be as efficient as possible.  We are hoping to set out via Horseback if possible, it is a long walk to set out. We will be running sets of 5 for the first day and go from there.  The weather will be warm (hopefully we will get some monsoon rain to cool things down).  We CAN NOT run the sheep all day.  I am going to try to extend the time on course as needed to accommodate for the warm weather. If the sheep get abused, I will not be allowed to rent them again.  


A few notes that I would like to bring up to save time in the morning:


  • Please stay on the marked roads. Do not drive across the field unless it is an emergency.  

  • We have plenty of shade under the trees. You may have to move around during the day to stay under it.

  • We haul water here so there will not be water available for trailer fill ups. There are a lot of RV parks in the area.  If you need a list let me know

  • Please pick up after your dog. There will be a lot of dogs and it adds up. 

  • Our set out crew is strictly volunteers and some are new to this type of trial. Please be patient with them.  We are hoping to have everything worked out by Friday.

  • I will need to feed the set out crew, workers and judges. If anyone else is interested in lunch, please let me know for a head count. Town is about 10 miles away. Lunch will be $7.00

  • Is anyone interested in potluck dinners? If so, please let me know.

  • Please respect the privacy of our home. If you would like to see the wild horses or play in the pond, please ask we are more than welcome to show you.  

  • We have three LGD that will be loose at night.  They are VERY good with people and most dogs as long as they are not chasing the sheep.  If you let your dog out at night, please keep an eye on them.  We also have a lot of predators.

  • At this time NO CAMP FIRES

  • If you have any questions, concerns or would like a re-run PLEASE come to me first not the judge.  I will talk to the judge first.

  • Any suggestions on how to improve this trial PLEASE let me know.  We are here to make things run as smoothly as possible.   


Last but not least!!!!!  Please have a good time. We all get tired at the end of the day especially if things don’t go as planned. Remember why we are doing this, believe me it’s not for the money LOL. Enjoy each other's company.


MY CELL IS:  928-499-9263

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