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Double M Stockdogs

Double M Stockdogs is located in Mayer, Arizona. Our goal is to produce versatile competitors and well-adjusted family members. We also have a full indoor/outdoor kennel for our training facility and actively compete in herding as well as other sports. All of our dogs are health tested with OFA and CERF and are proven working dogs. Due to the accomplishments of our dogs, we have received the designation of "Breeder of Merit" with the AKC and were named breeder of the year by performance, the ultimate of honors.

Most of our border collies are registered with both ABCA and AKC. 

Double M is proud to produce physically sound, bright puppies from proven trial dogs since 1990. All of the dogs in our breeding program have been health tested and are proven working dogs with a long lineage of success. 


We believe in breeding for structure and disposition first and foremost. The reason we breed for these two traits is because you must live with your new family member for many years and it helps if you love their personality. Also, without structure your dog would not hold up through the many wonderful years you have together. Performance is also extremely important to us as a smart and ready to please dog will do great things even if they are going to a pet home. While we believe we have gorgeous dogs, looks are the last thing we breed for. We will not place a dog based on your preference of color or looks, it must first be the right fit for you. 


Come visit Double M Stockdogs facility or send your dog to us to get started in herding! Double M's facility is the premier location to learn all that there is to know about working and trialing livestock.



Even if you do not have time to visit the facility, we offer online tutorials with an in-depth how-to through videos. Check out our online herding school!


Double M offers a multitude of services including board-and-train and self handling in herding, basic manners, beginners agility, and obedience. Please contact us today to visit our facilities. If you are ready to start your journey in herding check out more HERE or contact Molly and Mary today. 

Still have questions? Our mailbox is always open.

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