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The best step to success is starting out on the right foot! Before beginning manners or sports it is important to help your puppy adapt to his new home and give him the foundation he needs to be successful in the future. 

For the Puppy Headstart course we focus on: 

  • Bite inhibition- what is OK and not OK to chew on, and how to correct

  • Introducing to the crate

  • Proper potty training

  • Introduction to leash and walking

  • Very basic obedience, primarily recalls

  • Being consistent and fair with your training

  • Building handler focus

  • Building positive relationships between handler and puppy

Puppies are impressionable, I like to think of them as little sponges, which is why it is important to keep your training brief, upbeat, and positive.

We also offer board and train for puppies which includes the above plus starting into manners. 

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