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. . . The Herding Bug

I started herding in California in 1989 after purchasing my first Aussie. Impressed by the intelligence of this dog, I​ investigated the purpose of the breed which led me to herding. I was soon bitten by the herding bug and a short time later, I stopped barrel racing ​and committed all my spare time to training my dog to herd. ​

With my experience in competitive equine events, my knowledge of livestock, and my training and trialing of numerous breeds of herding dogs, I have acquired a wealth of information on training stock dogs.

. . . Border Collies

I purchased my first Border Collie in 1991, and immediately started competing in United States Border Collie Handlers​ Association (USBCHA) field competitions. I found this venue to be very exciting and a true test for the breed. I currently​ enjoy training and trialing both Border Collies and my original breed, Australian Shepherds.

. . . a move to Arizona and a change

I moved to Arizona in 2000. There were not many field trials in Arizona so I began to compete in my first AKC arena trials in 2002. I expected this venue to be easy after competing in USBCHA trials for years, but I was wrong. On the first day of competition, I timed out on both cattle and sheep. Returning home that night I thought long and hard about the course, especially the cross drive. The next day was much better with a High In Trial win in the Advance Class on sheep, ducks and cattle with my dog Murdoch. I continue to compete in USBCHA field trials but I also compete in AHBA, ASCA and AKC. I believe the true test for a handler and dog is versatility. I work with my own dogs, and also train and trial clients' dogs.

. . . Many Different Breeds

I have worked with many breeds, including Border​ Collies, Australian Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Belgian Tervuren, Belgian Sheep Dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs,​ Cardigan Welch Corgi's, Bearded Collies, Shelties, Berger Picards and Rottweilers and German Shepherds. I enjoy the diversity of the herding breeds and​ apply my training methods differently, depending on both the breed and the temperament and drive of individual​ dogs. I enjoy working with client dogs, because it gives me a great sense of accomplishment to develop their inherent herding abilities. I have put advanced herding titles and Herding Championships on many dogs, including several​ AKC Breed Champions.


. . . Family Support

Without the support of my family I would not be as successful as I am today. My husband always makes sure my​ facility is in top working condition and my daughter, Mary Alice was ASCA '​s #1 Herding Jr. in the Nation for 2007 at the age of 12.



I have worked with many breeds and enjoy the diversity of the herding breeds and apply my training methods differently, depending on both the breed, temperament and drive of individual dogs.


5 Dual Champions​​
11 Herding Champions 
58 Herding Excellent Titles​
65 Herding Intermediate Titles
70 + Herding Started Titles

5 Time USBCHA National Finalist Qualifier 
Nursery, Cattle, Open
4 Time ASCA National Finalist Qualifier w/Top 10 Finishes
12 Champions titled in Excellent
(most in 9 months)

2012 BCSA National Herding Specialty
Herding Judge
2012 BCSA Natinal Herding Specialty
Invitational Herding Judge

Trialing in AKC herding events since 2000
Trialing and Handling all breeds since 1988

AHA President, BCAZ Herding Director
Lifetime member to USBCHA Handlers Association
Lifetime member to ASCA (28 years)
BCSA member 

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