ABTC 2016 Herding Nationals CH Silverado's Shock Wave PT
Marina (Trec x Tink) HIT at ABTC 2016 Nationals Herding
Speck and Molly
Little's Dixie Diva Qualified Second Leg HT Herding and gets her HT Title
ABTC 2016 Herding Nationals CH Silve

Spec on Sheep in roundpen

Molly offers lessons for all stock dog breeds or crosses.  Molly also offers practice time slots scheduled by the hour. There are no age restrictions on when to begin - puppies and adults are equally welcome. All levels of experience are welcome. 


Molly focuses on self handling for owners. 


Molly is an accomplished handler and trainer with numerous accomplishments throughout her career. She has been training and trialing in herding sports for over 25 years with a primary focus on USBCHA and AKC sanctioned events. For AKC she can had a dog started and completed in 9-10 months with consistent training. 


Molly has the only GCH DC border collie bitch and the 5th DC Corgie in the United States.  She has finished two German Shepherd Dogs to their HXA with wins one in 9 months and one in 10 months.  Molly is breeder of the year because more of her dogs finished HXA in 2015 than any other breeder. She has multiple dogs competing in USBCHA Open and have ranked in the top 10 multiple times. 


Molly advocates the herding sport for all herding breeds and aims to unlock the potential of every herding bred dog. Lessons are tailored to meet the demands of the individual needs based on the owner and the dog.


Do not hesitate to contact Molly to discuss your goals for your herding dog. 


If you are unable to make it physically to the facility or wish for supplemental learning Molly offers an online herding option which can be found here





Please remember that Double M Stockdogs primary facility is also the home to Molly, her dogs, and her livestock. Here are a few things to consider while on Double M property to make your experience safe and fun:


  • Always ask and check with Molly before coming to the property. A time must be scheduled.

  • Please treat the property and livestock with respect

  • Clean up solid waste after your dog 

  • Keep dogs on lead at all times unless instructed otherwise

  • Please be courtesy to other dogs or individuals on site

Remember to have fun and ask questions!