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Boarding Facility


Allow your dogs to live in comfort at our state of the art facility. The indoor is climate controlled and allows access to the outdoor runs at anytime. The outdoor runs offer shade at any point in the day. For safety the the outdoor runs open up to a 6 foot brick wall which then opens up to three separate play yards. These play yards are surrounded by 7 foot chain-link fencing on top of a concrete pillar to avoid digging out. The yards contain natural shade from trees, grass, a small pool, and lots of toys. The entire 10 acre property is completely fenced.


Trialing and Training Facility

"We offer a full service facility for boarding, training, and trialing. We have ample seating for spectators and parking for RV's and personal vehicles."

We offer a full service venue for trials and shows. We have separate housing for the judges complete with a bedroom and bathroom. Ample shade and seating is available for exhibitors and spectators and parking for both RV and personal vehicles. Our facility includes 2 AKC regulation "A" courses, a regulation duck arena, round-pen and back practice area with holding pen. We also have a full set of agility equipment and for the kids we have a full playground set up.

Contact us and let us show you why we are the best choice for your training and trialing needs.

Overhead View by Drone

Facility Overview

The DBLM Facility 

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